nicelogoBangor University Labour Group is a student society based at the University of Bangor in North Wales. We are dedicated to the promotion of the labour and co-operative movements’ values – democracy, equality, collectivism and social justice – on and around campus.

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We are managed and organised by a democratically elected committee, the current chairman of that is Joe Lock.

Joe LockHi there! I’m Joe, the current chair of BULG, let me explain a little about what we do:

BULG campaign on and around campus on various issues we find important, we are currently campaigning for the introduction of a living wage for example. As well as this we are also a social organisation, BULG is a good way to meet like minded people, and make good friends. If you have any questions please contact me.


The current Bangor University Labour Group was founded in 2009, we are affiliated to Labour Students, Co-operative Party Youth and Bangor Students Union although we remain politically independent from all.

We exist to promote the values of democracy, equality, collectivism and social justice. Applying these values in the pursuit of a better deal for students and for all sectors of the society in which we live. We do not limit ourselves to pursuing our goals within the Students’ Union but also on campus, in the North Wales area and across the United Kingdom as a whole.

The group is open to both students and non-students although there is a limit to how many non-students we can have.

There are normally between 7-9 elected officers on our committee, who manage the group. They usually hold their positions from September to August of an academic year. Elections for committee take place once a year in April, and officers-elect take up their position the following September.